Thursday, October 17, 2013

No Respect At All!

   Rodney Dangerfield always made a joke that he never got any respect even in the world of comedy but there is nothing comical about this joke. Colt's owner Jim Irsay went to social media and publicly criticized Peyton Manning's time with the Colts. Whether this was an effort to throw Peyton off his game or just simply judging years of history, only one fact remains. Jim Irsay was wrong with what he said and now has officially made the Colts appear to be the bad guys in the upcoming battle between the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday night.
   The negative comments he made towards Manning, to sum it up were comparing Manning to other teams and how they were just as good as the Colts back then but Manning could never get the team to as many Super Bowls as say the New England Patriots or the New York Giants. Backlash has come from every where, even former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy whom was with Manning most during that time came out and spoke against the owner for his choice of words. He strongly believed that the Colts would not be the power house they were without Peyton Manning's contributions.
    Peyton Manning took the Colts to a Super Bowl victory and back one year but would lose to the New Orleans Saints. He spent most of his football career in that city making and breaking records, leaving a giant shoe for current Colt's quarterback Andrew Luck to fill. Peyton Manning is to Indianapolis what Drew Brees is to New Orleans and Tom Brady is to England in terms of quarterbacks that embody the spirit of a team. To speak negatively about that was disrespectful, that's like someone giving me money and then talking smack about how that person made that money to begin with. With Peyton returning to Indianapolis this Sunday, the Colt's owner has made it clear how much he's valued Peyton's contributions.
   Peyton Manning made no response to the comments made about him so it's safe to assume he's going to let his actions speak louder than words ever could. Irsay has already dealt with enough negative backlash from the media, Broncos fans and even loyal Colt fans who supported Manning. Whatever the reason for the comments he made, all he probably did was give Peyton some more motivation to win this weekend. This is sure to be a game of the year candidate if it ends up living to the hype and not being a blow out which is what the Broncos have been known for this season. What was suppose to be a sweet home coming is now going to awkward reunion.

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