Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Government Shut Down and So Did I.

   Sorry, I know I shouldn't have been away for so long to blog but things happened and I feel like explaining myself. First, my most precious instrument, my laptop of 8 years finally started giving out on me so I used my savings and had to get a new one. Also I had to check the status of my copyright application and because of the shutdown, it's still pending. Thankfully since I submitted it before the shut down, it's still safe to proceed with publication of my next EBook. The next thing I had to do is back up all my information and transfer to my new PC.
   I'm very happy with it, it's a Dell that was on sale and so I took advantage to upgrade, now writing has been ten times easier and faster on this beautiful piece of machinery. The biggest thing that slowed me down was uploading all my music to my library, I love music. When the muse is upon me and I need something to keep me in the mood, I need music. I listen to almost everything and you be surprised how one song can keep you in the moment when you're writing about something. If you're ever suffering from writer's block then I strongly suggest you give it a try.
   My full time job hasn't been helping me either, because of the holidays it's getting busier and I'm working over there a lot more. Until I become a successful author it's what I have to do until one of my EBooks take off. It's not easy but then again, I never asked for an easy life but a life that's worth living. I apologize for taking so much time to write something but now I have a new partner to help me with my writings. I should be getting things done a lot faster and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to continue my work. Stay tuned and Until The Next Is Written.

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