Monday, October 7, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness

   For those whom may not know, October is a month known by many things here in the U.S. For some, it's the month for costumes and candy for children to get from other people's houses. Others it's Hispanic Heritage Month which is big down here in Florida where people of different Hispanic origins represent their heritage. But for the most part, it's known for being Breast Cancer Awareness month. Now for those of you that believe that this is just a disease that only affects women and it's just a way to take advantage for profit, you're part of the problem.
   For those that believe that it's only women that develop breast cancer, I want you to tell that to the families that have lost fathers, brothers and sons to breast cancer. Men are a rare case for developing breast cancer but the chances are there. Men account for the minimum of the total cases but you ask anyone and they'll tell you that's more than enough chance. Even if it didn't directly affect men, it still affects them emotionally. Knowing the wife he loves or the daughter he raised could be dead because of this disease is a fate worse than death.
   Breast cancer doesn't just affect the poor victim who developed it. It also affects the victim's loved ones. People all over this world have lost mothers, sisters, cousins, and daughters to breast cancer and left a scar that can't be healed. If not caught, the damage becomes irreplaceable and families are torn apart at the roots. It's not just a cancer that affects women and you're a fool if you honestly think otherwise but if you think companies really use it to profit off women's suffering, then you're just plain heartless.
   The NFL, a multi-billion dollar business dedicates the whole month to promoting awareness by having teams alter their uniforms to be pink. The NFL would make money regardless whether they did it or not so it's not about profit there. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie who has become a symbol for breast cancer awareness after having a double mastectomy. The only profit she saw from that is more respect from everyone around the world. Corporations all over the world are joining the fight because it's the right thing to do.
   Is it so hard to believe that we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness because it's the right thing to do? There have been countless victims to this terrible disease and right now this is the moment of the year we can raise hopes and hopefully one day find a cure. I've been blessed so far to be spared the horror of this disease as the rest of my family. But I've seen the damage it can do and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. It's time to stop thinking it's all about the green because it's really all about the pink.
   If you think I'm naïve or you just don't care then that's your choice and in this country, you're entitled to it. Just do me one favor if you can and that's when a few years go by and a cure is found, I want you to go up to your daughter, your wife and yourself. Then I just want you to be thankful because while you didn't care, there were people like me who did. People who did what they could to spread awareness so we could find that cure, so your family wouldn't share the pain others had. We will find that cure.

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