Thursday, October 17, 2013

Daisy Coleman case Re-Opened

   My heart is happy today for a special reason. It's not really the government re-opening and the default crisis over because all they really did was postpone the debt talks till January of next year. Besides, that whole mess should never have happened and it's sad that it had to go that far. The reason I'm happy today is with the news that the case of Daisy Coleman is being re-opened after months of scrutiny by local authorities and prosecutors. For those of you whom may not know what I'm referring to then allow me to explain.
   Daisy Coleman is a 14 year old girl who was raped in 2012 by the local high school football superstar in a small town of Missouri and was left on the front door of her home in freezing temperatures. Charges were filed against the one who committed the crime plus an accomplice who recorded the attack during a party Daisy attended where alcohol was available to her. What happened next would not only be an insult to injury but a stain on the American judicial system. The charges would soon be dropped by the local prosecutor and some say it was a cover up to protect the athletes possible professional futures. The worse would not end at that point for poor Daisy.
   After reporting the event, the small town in Missouri shunned her and her family believing she was to blame for being raped. Believing she got what she deserved for sneaking out at night to attend a party and drinking alcohol. That she had it coming by dancing with the boys and it's not their fault that she seduced them. While I'll admit she made some mistakes, the fact that a town would blame the victim and save the rapist makes this nothing short of despicable. Daisy would attempt to commit suicide after falling into a deep depression after being forced out of town with her family.
   Luckily Daisy is still alive and seeking counseling since the incident and her mother had to find a new job after being fired from being a vet in that town. Their house would be burned down days after abandoning it and nobody was suspected. The mother believes that someone was involved but no charges were ever filed. Now the mother has been trying to piece back together a broken family when all they wanted was a fresh start. The family moved to a previous home they lived in before the father of the family passed away and they moved to what was suppose to be a new beginning.
   Unfortunately it only became a darker world for the family but now there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. A new prosecutor has been assigned and hopefully new charges will be brought to bring these people to justice, if you ask me, it shouldn't stop there. Anyone that would protect a criminal and sacrifice a victim for absolutely no reason other than he's a local celebrity is shameful. Daisy has already expressed joy for the first time in a long time hoping that this will be the first step towards closure.
    My purpose in blogging about this is not only to express my personal view about this case but to just also spread awareness about what's going on. Nobody deserves to be raped, I don't care who they are or what they've done. The fact that those boys were local 'celebrities' shouldn't mean anything when it comes to the law. Mainstream celebrities don't get out of trouble with the judicial system, local ones shouldn't be any different. My thoughts and prayers are for Daisy Coleman and her family, it's my sincere wish that they receive justice.

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