Monday, October 14, 2013

U.S. Default Looming!

   Uncharted waters are approaching as the United States comes closer to being in default and thus brings the country back down into economic crisis. Many people are asking themselves what exactly is suppose to happen if the country does go into default and the answer is exactly what I just said. Nobody exactly knows because a scenario like this isn't suppose to happen, this sort of event shouldn't even be necessary. But because of factions that have a controlling factor in the fate of the country, this situation has occurred and now the world waits for a miracle. For those of you whom may not fully understand, let me explain what it means to be in default.
   Lets say your one of the millions of Americans in debt up to your eye balls and you suddenly lost your job and had no revenue coming in any time soon. What basically happens is you go to everyone you owe money to and simply pull your pockets inside out to show you have nothing left. That's what it would mean for the country and the repercussions of this would most likely drag the already recovering economy back into a recession. That means more Americans would lose their jobs and companies would be struggling once again. The question some are asking themselves is, who is to blame for this debacle?
   The answer, in my opinion, everyone on the hill. Some want to blame President Obama because supposedly he's unwilling to compromise with the Republican controlled House. Others believe it's the Republicans supposedly holding the country hostage until they get their way. Blame whomever you want but the fact is nobody is working with anyone and everyone on that hill is suppose to be working for "our" best interest. Everyone up there swore an oath to protect "our" way of life and to never put it at risk for anything else. Nobody is doing their job up there and that's hurting the American people.
   I know I may sound a little angry in this post but maybe that's a good thing. People need to express their anger because again, these people are suppose to be working for us. People need to let their voices be heard because that's one of the greatest things about being an American. A soldier is out there somewhere away from his family risking his or her life so we have the right to voice our opinions. A country that he or she loves and is fighting for while the government is not doing their job while they are making sacrifices to keep them safe, it's insulting.
   The Military, Police, Fire Fighters, National Guard, and so on depend on the government to do their jobs so they can get the pay they need to support their families. Despite the mess that's going on, these people keep doing their jobs and keep protecting this nation no matter if their getting paid or not. They don't just "shut down" and that's what makes them heroes, what do you call the people on the hill? I honestly don't know, I just know that they need to get over party interests and start caring about the people's interests. My thoughts are with those affected by the shut down and I pray that default doesn't happen and we can get the federal employees back to work.

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