Tuesday, October 1, 2013

U.S. Government Shuts Down.

   Last night the U.S. Government shut down after months of endless debates and deadlock arguments. The last time this happened was 17 years ago and for those whom may not be familiar with the meaning behind this. When the U.S. Government shuts down all that really means is the legislative branch is no longer working. The House and The Senate are unable to come to an agreement so the shutdown was in place to stop funding to the government. Why the shutdown in the first place?
   The blame is already going around between the parties. Republicans are blaming the Democrats over their health care law known as "Obamacare" and the money it would cost to fund it. Democrats are blaming Republicans because Republicans don't want to pay for it and are not comfortable with a government run health care system. Overall, it's just one big pile of you know what. Everyone is to blame in this matter, even the American people for allowing this shutdown to happen.
   What does this mean for the working class as far as daily duties and obligations? Virtually nothing and that's the main reason nobody seems to care. People never really do care about what's going on around them as long as it doesn't endanger their wallets or their health.  That's what this whole event started over, the money and who was going to be the one who spends it. The only people that are paying for it right now are the American people and right now they're being ripped off.
   So what's the answer? I don't know, I'm not a politician and I don't have all the facts, I only know what I'm being allowed to know. The only solution as far as I know is both sides need to get their heads out of their rectums and get over their own personal desires and party interests for the greater good. Don't hold your breath though, I'm sure it will take some time before some compromise will happen. I'm not at all surprised because what do you expect when world's collide?
   Two sides fighting for whatever they believe in and I can respect that and whomever you believe is right. I believe however both sides need to grow up and get over themselves. Whether we're paying for national health care or some kind of research, we're paying for something. The U.S. government is like a marriage between two people of different classes. The trick to how they stay together is learning when to compromise and right now that's what this government needs to do.

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