Friday, October 11, 2013

Grass Is Always Greener.

 You have to make sacrifices no matter what profession you're in. For the life of a writer who hasn't made it yet, it's not going out much, at least for me. With piling bills and having to work to full time, it's hard to find time to write. Between my full-time day job and sleep, I only have enough time to do one of two things and that's either have fun by going out or start typing. Most of the time I'm going to be staying at home because until I get it out of my head, I'm going to be haunted and it's going to ruin my night no matter what I'm doing.
    People didn't think much of me being successful with academics because I had issues growing up but luckily through medicines and my family I grew out of it. Pretty much because I was a big guy and was strong people tried to get me involved in sports but I was never interested in anything but writing. Every day I wake up I have ideas and I listen to music, putting myself in scenarios depending on the music. One minute, I'm a superhero, next I'm a world class fighter, and sometimes I'm a master criminal. When the song ends I write down what I see and if I can see a story around it, then I start working from there.
   I get my inspiration from music, books and movies and they take me places I wish existed in real life. The problem is they don't and that's why I guess I drown myself in imagination. I've heard it's never a good idea to ignore reality but lets face it, reality sucks sometimes. For people like me who take a gamble and put themselves thousands of dollars in debt for an uncertain future and are now working just to stay broke, imagination is all we have. Imagination is the greatest gift human being can in this world because it's what can turn your life around. There are times I wish I didn't have it, that maybe I could just go out.
   Most days I wished I had gone for football like everyone thought I should have done or some kind of sport. Personally, there are days I regret going down the path of a writer. The uncertainty, the rough road, but when I look at my work and the people who support me, I realize I couldn't do anything else. My heart isn't into physical activity so I would just be trading my struggle for misery. Sure I would be happy for a short time but in the end, it would all come back to haunt me. I have enough regrets in my life and submitting my dreams is not one of them.
   I could go on and be a big time player and get paid all the millions with the big houses sheltering my supermodel wives. Then after it was over and the supermodel jump ship and years of pain catching up with me, you know what I would be thinking? I wish I had just stuck to writing. The point of this blog is simply this. Yes life could be better if I went another way and I would be financially taken care of but in the end, I wouldn't be happy. I never asked for an easy life but when I die I want to say I lived a life I'm proud of, that's what I want.

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