Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What To Be Thankful For

   As Thanksgiving comes up, I like to list what I'm thankful for by stating the following.
  1. I'm alive and healthy.
  2. I'm able to get up every morning under my own power.
  3. I have a roof over my head.
  4. I live in an era where Technology brings people closer.
  5. I'm three years into my Lasik surgery with no issues.
  6. Up to 319 likes on my Facebook page.
  7. I'm getting popular with every blog.
  8. My parents are well and healthy.
  9. My sisters are advancing in their careers.
  10. I have fans now who connect with me and invite me into their lives.
  11. I'm having a home cooked meal.
  12. I've published 5 pieces of writing and currently working on a trilogy.
  13. My family came down here to celebrate with me.
  14. The Dallas Cowboys are having a great season, finally.
  15. I have a great job that helps pay my bills.
  16. I have had no issues with my car the whole year. (Thank God).
  17. My nephew is growing up to be a beautiful boy.
  18. I work with a fun group of people.
  19. I've had no issues through the year as far as tickets, late bills, etc.
  20. The weather this year has been wonderful.
  21. A friend of mine has a son that is now able to come to the country and be with his father.
  22. Another friend of mine has finally found somebody that will treat her right. 
  23. I haven't lost my faith in my abilities as a writer.
  24. Lived to see the new Superman movie.
  25. I've seen many beautiful things.
  26. I live in safe place thanks to the brave people who protect this country, state and city.
  27. I've found new friends and caught up with old ones.
  28. I was able to get a free lance job working for an independent studio.
  29. Gained a new hobby in Volleyball.
  30. The world is still here and so are we.

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