Monday, November 11, 2013

The Wall on Amazon. A Screenplay that's Original and Creative.

   There is a secret society known to many as The Wall. For some, people who are working behind the scenes to maintain order when the law fails those that depend on the system for security. To others, a ruthless group of vigilantes that are taking the laws into their hands and destroying the very image of Justice. A eager reporter gains the opportunity to interview a leader of a Wall cell and during the interview, he listens to tales of members that are different but come together for a disturbing conclusion. In a country where not everyone can get justice because of reasons outside of their control, there is a place to go.

    When criminals break the laws and are freed on technicalities and cracks in the system, they soon find that there are no technicalities or no cracks when they face The Wall. Nobody can hide behind a flawed system that protects the rights of those who don't deserve them. The guilty may appear innocent but with resources provided by unknown sources, they all break when they go head on with a society of vigilantes. When the system that's meant to protect the people it serves fails them, how do criminals not expect the people to fight back?

    This is my first screenplay that I've written because I like to test my skills and take them to a new level. Everyone loves a person who works outside the lines but let us see how the world reacts when it's a whole society. Could we handle the possibility that there are people who forget about "systems" and "rights" for the "greater good?" Is it worth the risk of falling down the "slippery slope" that we are afraid is going to happen? Buy this EBook and decide for yourself and thank you for your time, until the next is written.

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