Thursday, November 7, 2013

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Review

   Infinity Ward is well known for being the company that made the Call of Duty franchise the cash cow it is. Now breaking all ties from it's previous chapter known as Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward comes out with the new chapter known as Ghost. I won't spoil much of the game except the following which anyone would guess by playing it. The Ghosts are a covert group that got the name based off a legend that will be explained as the game starts. As the main character progresses through the game he soon realizes that not only do the Ghosts exist but he's related to a member.
   The Ghosts come back from the dead this time because of an unprecedented attack that happens bringing the United States into a war with South America under the rule of a party called, The Federation. It's a captivating story that literally keeps you on edge as your playing with a wide variety of missions and weapons. Missions that take you literally from the bottom of the sea, to the heart of the land, and even to the stars in the sky. Infinity Ward has truly outdone themselves once again by creating a must play game.
   The graphics are top of the line and the realism and details in the character shins literally. The sound effects are shattering from the shooting of the guns to the blasts of the grenades. The multiplayer is virtually the same just with new maps that will bring in the people who love to talk trash and kill for hours. The new feature which I found most exciting was the "Extinction" mode which is what players can do for just a pure survival thrill. Extinction is a where you fight off an endless wave of enemies and you keep going until you finally die.
   This game is perfect, I honestly can't say I found anything wrong with the game and it's a great game for fans of the franchise or new gamers. For the new gamers, it's a great way to get your feet wet in the genre of shooters and for the fans. It's a great chapter that raises the bar to what fans thought would be impossible set by the last chapter in the franchise. With competitive modes that keep the players going after the campaign and the incredible detail to weapons and scenes, you can't take your eyes off the screen. The best thing about Ghosts is at the end of the know they will not be laid to rest with this one game alone.

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