Thursday, November 14, 2013

Battlefield 4 Loses The War

   I recently played Electronic Arts and Dice's game Battlefield 4 and was very excited to hear about the good news coming from other gamers. Unfortunately for me, the news was too good to be true in such case. There are several issues I have with the game both in campaign mode and multiplayer issues as well. Being a fan of the last one that came before it, I was looking forward to seeing the new additions to the game. But the new additions just seemed to be unnoticed during the gameplay.
   Let start with graphics of the gameplay and cinematic transitions between levels. I give this a lot of leniency because you can't compare Electronic Arts to a company like Infinity Ward which is known for it's attention to detail with the graphics. But playing throughout the campaign I didn't see any improvement when it comes to the transitions, the cinematics are good but they could be better and the look of the guns is about the same. The campaign itself has a strong story following the elite group known as Tombstone but there are issues going through the game. I experienced glitches throughout the game that would cause me to restart from a checkpoint forcing me to redo missions.
   One moment I be out on a boat during a sea mission and next I be under the ocean for some reason still driving a boat. Another I was driving a tank and yet I couldn't switch my guns and one time I was climbing a ladder while on an aircraft carrier and somehow I ended up high in the sky falling to my death. The glitches really killed my desire to complete the game but the strong storyline kept me wanting to finish. The other issues I faced with the game was online gameplay.
   If there's one thing I wish the franchise would do is better configure a game where gamers can do two things. One is make it easier for parties to get involved with a game instead of having a member join a game and hoping their friends can get in before the server gets full. It's a real frustrating process I found while trying to meet my clan so we could blow something up which is our favorite thing about the game. That's the strong point of the game for people like me who love to see destruction everywhere we turn.
   Battlefield is notorious for making environments that are almost completely destructible. Using a variety of weapons and even assault vehicles and aircraft, buildings literally fall after receiving too much damage from the ongoing battle that consumes the map. The second problem however is it will be very complicated for anyone whose never played a Battlefield game to understand how to pick a weapon set and begin the game. I always believed that would be an improvement but for most gamers, this really won't be a problem.
   This is just my opinion and if you disagree with me, that's fine but I have to give this game a 7 out of 10. While this game produces non-stop action with multiplayer modes and has a strong story line that keeps the gamer wanting to play, it has issues. Graphics aren't that great compared to others, glitches kill the mood to keep playing, and the multiplayer option could be made more 'party' friendly. This game is worth the buy but I don't think I would have the desire to buy the season pass or keep the game till the next one comes out. If you're one of those dedicated fans of the franchise then I'm sure you will enjoy the game same as the others but to someone who is just a gamer, this will lose your attention.

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