Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brand New Poem.

Life’s Balance
Anthony Labson


I grew up in a garden but there was no sunshine

at least for me.

There have been many lows times in my life

caused by many conflicts both internal and external.

One common fact, I could not blossom.


I tried to blend in with this garden

and I tried to grow and be like everyone else.

But that only made it worse because

a flower can’t pretend to be weed.


So I chose to let the weeds try to consume me

and there were times I was willing to let them.

I really believed life was passing me by

but then life was finally changing for me.


As this garden expanded, so did more flowers like me.

The weeds were starting to retreat and I could finally blossom

but for some reason, I still couldn’t.

There was still something missing.


I wasn’t lonely in this garden but I was still alone.

I have tried and tried to blossom with others

but what I only found was sorrow and regret.

I couldn’t understand this plan.

But then a moment of clarity finally came.

That was the day you came into my life.

You brought the sun into this garden

That brought love and warmth to my heart.


Because of you

I saw meaning in my life.

Because of you

I saw life’s balance.


I have dealt with rejection,

I have dealt with heartache and I’ve dealt with misery

but now that you grow beside me

all that history is just a memory.


I don’t live for this garden,

I live for you.


Because of you

my life has come full circle.

Because of you

I have blossomed.

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