Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Truth and Acceptance

The search for Truth has always been Mankind's most important and most deadly exploration. People have died to answer questions that even with all our sciences and technology, we still can't find the solid truth that defines ours existence. We can go on and on about the advances we've made in the name of progression but at the end of the day, have we really gone anywhere? Yes, we have theories and mythologies but somewhere  along the line, people just rather believe anything and give up on finding out the truth. So that got me thinking, do we really want to know the truth and if we did figure it out, could we accept it?

Could we handle the possibility that everything we believe in as far as religion and what happens after we die  is in actuality a lie? Billions of lives have been slaughtered in the name of God and would that not be the biggest slap in the face to those poor souls that sacrificed themselves for their beliefs? If we found proof that all that really happens when you go is you just go to sleep for the final time and that's it, I'm pretty sure that would be the most terrifying truth we would have to accept. I'm just merely asking a question, I'm not trying to convert anyone or offer suggest any of my own personal feelings and views. 

There are other truths that would be hard to accept as well such as what if there are aliens out there and they are watching us or are we possibly watching them? If they really exist then why keep it a mystery? There are millions of people that believe they're out there right now and they want to know. They've spent their lives looking for them whether as astronauts, astronomers or even Trekkies. People who struggle and look to the stars and try to find out if we truly are alone in the universe but science can only take us so far. 

Some people use science to try to answer the truth but whose to say some mystical muse didn't give them the inspiration to find that truth? Did they discover the questions from actual thoughts in their heads or was some there some kind of force behind those thoughts? All science does is give us the tools to try and expand our existence but science can only take us so far as a species. The Big Bang theory and the theory of evolution are always disputed but at the end of the day, it all makes you ask yourself, what's your version of the truth? 

One person's point of view can be completely different from another's, for example Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden is currently on the run from the United States for charges of espionage and treason for leaking national secrets. To some, he's a traitor and to others a hero because he's exposing a nation's "dirty" secrets. But lets be honest everyone, what nation doesn't have secrets that they don't want the rest of the world to know about? How many countries have skeletons in their closets? I'm willing to bet some countries have entire graveyards that would cause global outcry.

Everyone has a dirty secret they don't want out in the open but these nations will always keep in the dark and do everything to keep it from coming to the light. The constant reply is, "It's for the greater good." That we hide the truth because maybe the majority of people are childish or incompetent and they can't handle it. I laugh because as we grow up as children, part of a child's life is when a parent tells them of facts they need to know about life. Facts such as life isn't a movie and there are not always happy endings, the good guys don't always win, and even the silly facts like there really is no Santa Claus.

When I was growing up, I didn't want to hear that I was going to die but later on I realized I couldn't do anything about it so that's why I live as much as I can before I do. The point I'm trying to get is, we accept it and move on. We won't evolve and we never will progress as long as we keep people from accepting the truth. Yes, I understand that some people can't handle the truth because it's a bitter pill to swallow. Some people would rather live in a bubble but guess what my friends, we've survived thousands of years of evolution and guess what, we are still here. 

We've survived the worst of what humanity can do to each other so why would the truth make the final nail in the coffin? All we've done to this point is make the Truth the most destructive weapon known to mankind and I don't see it that way. The Truth is a tool that should be used to help people understand facts of life so that we as a species can move on and progress. You don't solve any problems by hiding from the truth, that's what parents do to a child. The human race has been around long enough and it's time for us to grow up. We owe the people that have died to find those truths that much. 

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