Thursday, August 7, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review

                I’m going to save certain people a lot of time and just say that if you’re a purist and not a huge fan of Michael Bay, don’t bother watching this movie. So much has been changed because of this new generation of CGI and demand for fresh ideas, the origin tale has been completely altered. However, for people like me who will give anything a chance and keep an open mind, there’s hope for you. This movie does have something to offer for the ones like me who grew up with the famous heroes in a half shell. When this reboot was first announced, people were skeptical and the fact that it was produced by Michael Bay wasn’t giving purist fans confidence.
                These are the same people that grew up watching Transformers and absolutely hated the movies with a passion. Personally I like most of them with the exception of the second one, Revenge of the Fallen. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is going to have the same problem because while Michael Bay didn’t direct, his touch of over the top action minus in depth storyline is visible throughout the whole movie. There’s not much character development and the acting is more or less novice at best by Will Arnett whom plays camera for Megan fox who plays the famous friend of the turtles, April O’Neal.
                The only good acting I saw was through the side villain played by William Fichtner. He plays a wealthy business man Eric Sacks whom has dark intentions as he is later revealed to be working with the infamous Shredder, leader of the foot clan. While some things stay true to the original point of the foot soldiers, it’s disappointing that they seem to be more mercenaries than actual ninjas. Shredder’s true identity is kept in the dark, probably to save it for another movie. When he gets into his armor, it’s all shock and awe with a dazzling new look but once he shows off all his equipment, it quickly begins to go over the top.
                The character traits of the turtles is accurate in all of them with Leonardo the leader, Raphael is the hot head, Donatello is the genius and Michelangelo is the fun loving kid of the group. I know everyone was thinking the turtles were too big from all the previews but once you see the origin story then it makes some sense but I do agree their look could’ve been toned down a bit. The fight chorography was excellent, especially when getting to see Splinter fight and he has good amount of fight time in the movie. I wasn’t that excited since I saw Yoda fight in Star Wars: Attack of The Clones.
                The ending leaves plenty of room for a sequel and there is a special Easter egg for a possible villain in the sequel if there is one. I’m not sure this is going to be the great comeback that fans were hoping for. With all the fighting and explosions that go on, there is virtually no room for any kind of connection with the characters so people who never even heard of the turtles will get lost real quick. So much dialogue was rushed in certain scenes and without any explanation, the people that don’t know the turtles will be left wonder what the hell were they talking about? As far as the kids go, they’ll love it because it’s the turtles and they’ll love watching it and wanting to be a turtle.
                I remember the Turtles back when I was little and I would wake up early every morning to catch their show back in the 80s. I’ve watched all of their movies and haven’t really had any complaints because I try to keep an open mind. This one was no exception but I have to admit I wanted to be nice but I can’t. I have to give this movie a 6 out of 10 because it will entertain the kids you bring to the theaters but some will disagree with this next generation of TMNT. This movie can only be described as a 90 minute roller coaster ride that gives tons of excitement but was over just as fast as it began.
                Would I pay to see this movie again? No, I know it definitely wasn’t worth the 3D pricing but I have to realize this wasn’t made for me. It’s meant for this generation and I’m sure they will love this. It’s meant for the kids who know about this generation of the Ninja Turtles, not the Ninja Turtles I grew up with in the 80s with a wimpy shredder, mousers, Technodromes and a talking brain. There is no talking brain, no mousers, and definitely no wimpy shredder. This movie was not bad but it could’ve been so much better if they took more time to explain situations instead of leaving huge holes in the middle of the movie.
Megan Fox could’ve used more film time as April O’Neal so the audience could connect with her and Will Arnett’s character was so irrelevant I don’t recall hearing his name in the movie. It was a waste of his talent that could’ve been filled by someone else. I didn’t grow up with Transformers but I did with the turtles so now I understand what those purists went through when Transformers came out. However I didn’t shut this movie out and I wouldn’t suggest you do either because this is merely my opinion. Personally, I’m still a fan of Michelangelo and I still love wanting to be a turtle. 

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