Sunday, August 24, 2014

True Blood Series Finale

True Blood, one of HBO’s most popular series ended tonight and in typical HBO fashion, it left fans really pissed off with the final episode. Shortly after the show ended, fans that have been following the show since 2008 took to the media, voicing their displeasure over the much anticipated episode. The complaints range everywhere from the death of beloved characters to questions that people didn’t see the answer too. Don’t worry I’m not going to spoil anything for anyone but in my own personal opinion, it wasn’t that bad but then again it’s HBO. I’ve watched a lot of great shows come from the prestigious television station and there’s one consistency. When they end a show, there's always an uproar. 

For those who don’t follow, True Blood is a show about a waitress that works at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere Louisiana. As quiet as things are, her world turns upside down when vampires suddenly “come out of the coffin” as they said. The whole world knows they exist and the only reason people aren’t scared is because they’ve found a new way to get blood without doing it the traditional way. That way is through an artificial liquid meant to give Vampires the nutrients they need to survive which is conveniently titled Tru Blood, following me so far?

The waitress known as Sookie is born with telepathy and is able to read everyone’s thoughts which makes her life hell for a while until she meets Bill. Bill is a vampire and to her surprise it turns out that she can’t read the minds of the undead so a relationship starts to form. This relationship would be tested through a series of enemies such as ancient vampires and werewolves, complications like Sookie’s past unraveling as the show progresses that explains her powers and what she really is, and people who don’t embrace the existence of vampires such as her idiot brother Jason and the close minded people of Louisiana.

In this final season everything comes to a boiling point after the previous season when there has been much death at the hands of vampires and the humans decide to fight back using biological weaponry against the vampires called Hep-V. After a brief moment of peace, the fighting starts again and during the events of the final season. We lose some of the beloved characters and see the arrival of characters that left during the series. I have to admit, if I could describe this season in one word, it would have to be “work.” I honestly felt that they just wrote this season up just to end it without putting any effort into it.

While the actors did a good job and the story was “ok” at best, it all felt too rushed. I can understand how some fans feel because like I said before, HBO has had a problem with ending some of their shows. I can remember when the series finale of OZ happened and fans were angry with how the prison just closed. Another big uproar was the infamous ending of The Sopranos when people didn’t even know how the show ended, it just went to a blank screen. I know HBO’s history with ending series so I gave True Blood a little slack, the ending was ok but it fits HBO’s reputation. True Blood was definitely a creative show at first and it was on a good run but after this season, I’m glad it’s over. 

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