Monday, August 11, 2014

The Devil

The Devil
Anthony Labson

Hiding behind angelic eyes
and using a serpent’s tongue.
He shows off his chiseled abs
hiding his stone cold heart.

Women fall on top of him
the minute he smiles at them.
They think they met the one
but soon find it’s the last.

Men admire him for his success
but that’s like admiring a king
after he committed genocide
and denied the culture a moment
in history.

Money is always in his pocket
but he always talks his way into
making you spend your own.
He always finds a way to leave
with something free.

Life is nothing but a game
and he believes he owns it.
Hopefully he’ll learn someday
that even players get played.

I highly doubt it.
When you’re the devil
you’re use to the fire
and cold is in your nature. 

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