Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Madden 2015 Review

When it comes to professional football, there are certain names that stand out for specific reasons. Names like Walter Payton for his rushing career, Vince Lombardi for coaching and so on but the one name I’m thinking about is John Madden. After having a prosperous career coaching the Oakland Raiders to victory in Superbowl XI in 1976, he would go on to becoming a commentator and eventually being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. He is also the name of the most popular football game in the world Madden. For over two decades, the award winning game franchise has virtually dominated the football genre only to be rivaled by their partner franchise NCAA Football. Recently the newest game was released and as far as the Playstation 4 version is concerned, it’s the best in years.

This was a vast improvement from its predecessor Madden 25, which celebrating the game’s 25 years in business but its celebration was more of an insult. The graphic were a bit let down for a new generation console and the gameplay was nothing impressive. This isn’t the case for the new installment Madden 15. The graphics are much better this year especially when it comes to the attention to detail in the players, the coaches on the sideline and even the commentators. However like every other game, the dialogue gets repetitive after a period of time but it’s easily skipped over.

I’ve played three games testing the environments clear skies, snow and raining settings, the detail to the rain and thunder was a nice improvement. The snow was especially cool considering you can see how high the snow is when you make footprints on the ground. Speaking of really cool, one of the newest features is the improved kicking and punting gameplay. The same technique is required, you pull back the right trigger to get ready and quickly push it back up when the desired power is reached. The new feature comes in when it shows three possibilities in the image of three color lines when kicking so you can give a more accurate punt or field goal.  

The defensive gameplay has been upgraded this year as it’s the main theme hence the reason Seattle Seahawk’s defensive star Richard Sherman is on the cover. Let’s hope he’s not a victim of “The Madden Curse” which some believe if you grace the cover of a Madden game, you’ll be injured shortly after. The new gameplay makes it easier now to control defensive players and make plays with the new system. It’s a great advantage for gamers like me who have a huge handicap, I only play offense. When it’s time for me to defend, I just use the “Ask Madden” option and pick the selected option. Luckily there is a new mode that can help someone whether their handicap is offense or defense.   

The mode called Skill Trainer teaches gamers exactly how to throw, tackle, defend, intercept, etc. This mode has been made specifically for people who may not understand the game as in depth as others. It’s a great plus for people like me who love football but don’t understand the dynamics of the sport. There is literally hours of available training to help novice gamers catch up to speed to veterans of the game so they don’t get crushed online. After your done training, the same favorite modes are in there such as careers and online gameplay so you can play with friends online or complete strangers.

The only problem I’ve encountered so far is connection problems but that’s probably because everyone is jumping online to trash talk and such. The beginning too was undesirable because when you start the game, it replays a moment from a game last year between the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers. If you’re a fan of either team then enjoy the beginning but I’m a Dallas Cowboy fan and I rather would’ve skipped it if I could. Once you get past it, the fun times await after setting up your favorite team and choosing your settings for gameplay. This game is awesome and I would encourage any fan to go out and get it now. 

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