Sunday, August 3, 2014

Faces of the Mass

Faces in the Mass
Anthony Labson

I am one out of countless others.
Some can be recognized faster
while others are easily ignored
but all are equally valued.

Spending my years among the mass
I’ve realized something about popularity.
Popularity doesn’t matter because in our end
we are all forgotten and time moves on.

It’s lonely at the top
and need to be around energy.
I need to be around life
and I need to be around the mass.

I need to be around the baby faces.
The ones who were born and
never really grew up,
staying forever cute.

I need to be around the beards.
The ones that say to hell
with standards and use it
as a form of expression and pride.

I need to be around the independent.
The ones who stand alone
and symbolize the strength of

I need to be around the lovers.
The few that put others before themselves
that spread affection around like a wildfire.
We need more of them.

The ones who ignore the mass
only ensure oblivion.
I would rather be remembered by
the few that loved me instead of the millions
that never met me. 

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