Thursday, August 14, 2014

3 Years and Still Writing

This time 3 years ago, I self published my first book. Madness in a Recession a book of poetry about my life and the people I've met, some I've loved, others I hated but all were important to me. This was a vital step in my decision to resume writing because I was in a deep form of depression. I was and still up to my neck in debt, I didn't have the job that I wanted, I wasn't around the people I wanted to be around and my life was going nowhere. I had given up.

Then I met a friend, Ralph and we worked together for some time now. He saw one of my poems A Fallen Angel and asked me why haven't tried to find a publisher. I have A Writer's Reference and I had been mailing agents and publishers samples of my work. A few years after graduating college, I gave up especially when bills started piling up. Then I got a good job with a great company and then some weight was finally being lifted, I started having free time on my hands.

While at Barnes and Noble, I found a book on how to start self-publishing and get my work out there. I know it's barely no money but I wasn't making money off my work anyway so where's the loss? So I begin where I believe everyone should, writing a book about who they are and where they come from because I want people to know me, not just the stories I write. When I finally released Madness in a Recession, I've never felt so accomplished.

It was a hard and complicated process at first but once I published the book 3 years ago today, it's easy as pie now. Other books have followed such as a short story, a short horror story, a screenplay, a comedy stage play, and now I'm finishing my first trilogy. I've also done work as a narrative script writer for Humaya studios and working on my second book of poetry. All this in a span of 3 years and I have to confess, I feel as though I've been falling behind.

I should've been doing this earlier but someone down the road after college, I just lost sight of everything. I was just following a daily routine of wake up, shower, got to work, come home and go back to bed. I wasn't happy, I didn't take any pride in myself, and I didn't care if I was still alive or not. Now that I'm self publishing, I can honestly say that I'm in a better place and I take pride in my work now. I know the life of a writer isn't easy but then again, I don't ask for an easy life. I just want a life that's worth living for.
 Some people want to be admired through the end of time but I've learned going to college, that's not our decision to make. There's no point in trying so hard to be remembered because you don't get to decided what you're remembered for. Some people are happy with being forgotten and that's fine too. There are countless lives that were important at some point in time and we don't know about them and we never will.

Whichever side of the coin you're on, we all share one common right.
We all have the right to leave something behind that will benefit humanity and help it progress. When I die I want to say that my work will influence someone just as much as Edgar Allen Poe, Tom Clancy, Stephen King and William Wordsworth have influenced me. This is my motivation to resume writing and keep getting my work out there for everyone to read. I've made my mistakes on the way but then again if you show me someone who hasn't made a mistake, I'll show you someone who has never tried.

Everyone has a right to contribute something to society and I hope one day that one of my works will be that contribution. It's been an uplifting 3 years and counting and I'm hoping for much more to be delivered. Thank you all for listening and Until the next is written.

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