Friday, July 12, 2013

Travyon Martin

   The whole Martin/Zimmerman episode is wrapping up with the closing arguments happening today and a verdict could come as early as today. At first, I was disgusted by the way this whole case was handled. Is it not bad enough that the poor kid lost his life and yes, he could have attacked Zimmerman who would later kill him. But does the race card really have to be pulled to make this case such a high profile case? Is a child's life not worth the value of a high profile case, it's the fact that his skin is another color than his killer?
   It's the year 2013 and yet when I see cases such as this I think we're still taking steps backwards because people don't get it. Race is irrelevant, color is invisible, everyone carries the same value and nobody is higher than the other. To those who think because they have badges, titles, or money that sets up a barrier. Badges are just tin, titles are invisible labels that mean nothing, and people who only care about money are the poorest people in the world. What ever happened to the value of a life?
   Whatever your opinions are, I leave up to you but lets please remember this. A boy, whether he was a bad egg or a good egg was still a life and yes he was doing stupid stuff. We all do stupid stuff when we are kids and if you were to tell me you never did, I either call you a liar or someone who has never lived. We are suppose to make mistakes when we're young so we learn from them and grow old wiser and possibly make better changes, Trayvon Martin never got that chance. No matter how this case ends, Zimmerman will have to live knowing he took his life and it's my hope he understands now the value of a life.

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