Saturday, July 20, 2013

Superman/Batman movie coming in 2015!

   I know as a professional I'm not suppose to take sides, but as a Superman fan, I can't wait to see this epic collision of powerful icons. It's no secret that comic fans have been waiting for certain superheroes to make their appearance on the big screen. But since the arrival of Marvel's The Avengers, fans have been wanting even more for their favorite heroes to come together for one spectacular movie. Marvel has delivered on their end and now it's time for DC comics to step up their game with the legendary icons. It's been a long time coming and something sure to break box office records.
   There are big lines in the sand when it comes to whose the best superhero in which universe and blood has been spilt over such arguments. But there's no denying that the pair of the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight stand arguably as the strongest unit in the comic universe. They've come together multiple times in comics and cartoons but in 2015, we will finally see them come together. Henry Cavill will be returning as Superman along with Amy Adams as Lois Lane but there is no word yet on who will be replacing Christian Bale as Batman. Whom ever it is, he will have a lot to make up for.
   Christian Bale is considered arguably the best Batman ever so to the actor chosen, he will already have a shadow cast over him and not in a good way. Batman fans were upset enough by the fact that Bale would not return to play the Dark Knight so this will make the decision hard enough for the character but even more now for the duo known to comic fans as World's Finest. Superman and Batman are considered polar opposites of each other which makes them work so fluently and powerful. Superman representing the ideals of truth and justice, always being the optimistic and believer that there is good in everyone. Batman on the other hand, using his own brand of justice by using fear to deter villains and takes a dark and more realistic approach.
   Superman has always been hated by batman fans because of the fact that he has all the powers and can't seem to be beaten by force. Batman has always been hated by Superman fans because of his over the top intelligence and unlimited resources. Now we'll see if Zack Snyder can bring these to groups together to make box office history. No matter who you love, no matter who you hate, The World's Finest is coming in 2015 along with the announced Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Which collaboration are you going to go see?

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