Saturday, July 27, 2013

Castro to serve life with no parole. Justice?

   For those of my followers that may not know, Ariel Castro is a man accused (obviously guilty) of kidnapping 3 girls and holding them in captivity for over a decade. The girls were tortured, raped, and denied years of their lives they will never get back until they escaped and are now back with their families. Well now, Ariel Castro probably did the one decent thing he's done in this whole ordeal and accepted a plea deal that will deny him the death penalty but he will surely die in prison. The reason this is a mercy for his victims is that they get to avoid the trial. Now a lot of you may ask why is that so bad?
   Well here's the reason why, if there was to be a trial then the victims would've had to testify. Those poor girls would've had to to reveal a decade of dark and horrible details that we as civilized people wouldn't want to wish on anyone. We may know the details on paper and that's bad enough but to hear those victims tell there story, relieving every moment of horror from the torture their bodies received to the nights of sexual assaults. Emotional troma that will take years to help the girls move on with their lives from being forced to get pregnant and live in fear that everyday may be their last. One has to ask, how can somebody move on from such a nightmare.
   I can understand the outrage some may feel from this plea deal. I understand that they feel the punishment doesn't fit the crime but in the end, the victims are good with this deal and their opinions are the only ones that matter. Plus this man took these women when they were just kids and men like him don't last anyway in prison systems. They are considered the worst of the litter in a world of crooks, murders, and thieves. So whether he lives a full life in prison or he's killed by an inmate who is disgusted with what he is, justice is served. It's a victory that's long been needed for the image of the American Justice System.
   With trials that have been controversial such as the Casey Anthony trial and the recent Trayvon Martin trial, people just don't seem to believe this system works. But cases like this with Ariel Castro prove just how it does work. This man held 3 women against their will and now he will get the same treatment but now he'll be in a jungle around serious animals who will tear him to shreds the moment they can get away with it. Now he'll be the one with no rights and going to bed wondering if he'll wake up the next day. Now it's his turn to be afraid and he will remain afraid the rest of his life.

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