Friday, July 19, 2013

From Motown to Broke town.

   Once a symbol of American pride, now a broken image of a former golden city. Detroit has recently filed for bankruptcy making it very clear that the Motor City has run out of gas and needs new parts. The city that was once wide known for being the auto capital of the country grew in popularity in the 1960s as companies such as GM and Chrysler started producing machines that would bring profits to the city. More fortune would follow with the creation of the very popular record label Motown but somewhere down the line, the city started a downward spiral that lead the city to this tragic point in American history.
   Detroit slowly became known for darker elements such as violent gang wars, low job growth, and recently bone crushing poverty. Today the population barely reaches 800,000 as people are fleeing the dying city in search for better opportunity both in jobs and lifestyle. With the debt celling through the roof and millions in bonds that are now worth as much as toilet paper, it's clear now that only a miracle can help the city. Now we lead to the big question, what's next for the city and the country as a whole? I know Americans don't want to hear it considering there already was a bailout a few years ago but in this obvious case, it's more than likely that there may be a bailout in the possible future.
   Now that the federal government is going to take charge, it's more than likely that taxpayers will be dealt another blow. We can go on and on about whose to blame but in the end it's useless to argue and irrelevant. While some see this as a tragedy, I see this as opportunity because for something to get better, it has to hit rock bottom. Perhaps now is the time for Detroit to rise with a little help from it's neighbors and in doing so, a golden city may be reborn. Detroit is not just a city it's a landmark, so let's band together before it becomes a land fill.

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