Sunday, July 7, 2013

Even Titans Must Fall.

     Last night, Anderson "The Spider" Silva lost for the first time in the Ultimate Fighting Championship PPV UFC 162. Now for those who don't follow, Anderson Silva is considered arguably one of the best Mixed Martial Arts fighters in the world. Schooled in the arts of Muay Thai and raised in Brazil, Anderson Silva rose up the ranks with his lethal kicks and terrifying strikes, he is considered the "Mike Tyson" of cage fighting. With a record of 33-4, Anderson had never lost in the United States promotion until last night. Some will say it justice and others will say that this titan of the octagon threw the fight but either way, he lost.
     Ever since the beginning of his streak, Anderson Silva became cocky and arrogant. He would taught his opponents and make them feel as though they were in the ring with a super human but all that went away with one left hook to the jaw. The fight started with his opponent Chris Wiedman tackling the spider to the ground and pounding on his head. After the round ended, Silva began the taunting to mock his opponent who is undefeated to show that he hasn't be phased. But once the second round started, Silva began to taunt instead of fight and that's when his fate was sealed.
     What does this mean for UFC, Silva and his reputation? For UFC, I see a major opportunity to set up a rematch and reach more profits on a Silva fight that they haven't received in years. Silva, whether he threw the fight or lost legitimately, his record and streak have now come to an end and whether he chooses to regain his former glory or not is on him. As far as the reputation, Anderson Silva is virtually a god of the octagon creating a legacy that can never be touched but he tarnished that legacy when he acted carelessly. The bottom line is he deserved to lose no matter what because he showed no passion for the fight, no respect for his opponent, and most of all he forgot for all his victories, he's still human.

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