Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Be Yourself. Yeah Right!

  Since childhood we're tought many things that we carry on in life such as nobody likes a tattle tale and treat everyone as equals but the most important lesson, be ourselves. Let's take a deep breath and face the mirror though, we're rarely ourselves most of the day. Unless you have money or you have no care for life, we are always putting on a show for someone like a clown in a circus. Whether it's a boss at work, a person on a date you meet online, or just hanging around with friends after a hard day at work. There's a reason we say, "You can never really know someone."
  Now I do understand why we do have to put on a show. We need a job to support ourselves, we need to impress the person that we are on a date with, and you don't want to be the buzz kill when hanging out with the friends. Why do we have to put ourselves through this peer pressure? Society as a whole preaches people to be unique but at the end of the day, we are anything but. From a construction worker to a C.E.O. of a corporation, we all put on a uniform and create an alternate version of you to secure society's insecurities.  If you can find me one husband that tells me he acts the same way around his friends as he does with his wife, I would tell you that you found a liar.
   Shakespeare wrote, "To thy own self be true" but will all due respect, that's old school and we live in a new world where people need to be brave. If we are telling our children to be unique then we need to set the example. If we are so special we need to share it with everyone and not just keep it to ourselves. Let's truly be ourselves all the time with everyone and it'll be a great day in this world when someone can walk up to another person and say, "Hello, I was looking at your body and I would really love to take you home and have sex with you just for one night." Then that person would just laugh and reply, "Sorry, I have standards and you don't fit them but have a good day."
   I know it seems cold but at the same time, isn't it better than avoiding the bull? Wouldn't it be better if the boss treated the workers like adults who can handle the truth and say yeah we're cutting your bonus because we want to save money? I just want a world where people don't have to give transparent truths hiding selfish intentions. I'm aware of how I look and acknowledge the people I hang out with and work for. I am a full grown human being and I want to be treated as such, not a child that are denied truths from the parents.

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