Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sony is winning!

     After the E3 conference last night, it's clear that Sony has an upper hand on the competition with Nintendo and Microsoft. Last night at the conference, millions of fans watched around the world as Sony amazed moment after moment with upcoming games such as Kingdom Hearts 3 and Bungie's new project Destiny. There were also fascinating surprise previews that caught the eyes of cult fans as there was trailers for next years Final Fantasy XV and Mad Max. Releasing this holiday with the PS4 will be a variety of familiar games with many of popular titles to follow. The most attractive feature however are the specifications.
     The main disappointment with Microsoft's Xbox One is the restrictions that will limit the fun gamers can have on their console. Such as the fact that the Xbox will need to be connected to the Internet in order to work. Also there is no word yet on whether you will be able to play used games on the Xbox. On the PlayStation 4, you can play games offline and not need connection to the Internet, you don't need to pay for Internet services and you can play used games. Also the only new addition for the Xbox is the ability to play blu-rays but still behind the PS4 which will be able to play blu-rays in both regular and 3D formats. Plus the PS4 gave one additional surprise that sent fans running to the game stores and online retailers, the price.
     The Xbox One which at best is moderately behind the PS4 in terms of technology and glare is also more expensive by $100 more. Microsoft is charging more for their console than the popular technology titan by making the Xbox One $499 and the PS4 will only be valued at $399. The much anticipated new consoles have finally arrived but it seems that once again, Microsoft just can't get it right the first time. Now I don't have a publisher or an agent yet so I don't make a lot of money but I will be saving to get a new console this year and here is a hint, it won't be the Xbox One.

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