Friday, June 7, 2013

Respect must be paid.

     Yesterday was the anniversary of "D-Day" which was the day the allies invaded Normandy and lost hundreds of lives in the process. Just think about it. Salty sea breeze filling your lungs early in the morning. Cold sweat dripping down your forehead and warm piss going down the side of your leg. You look at beaches surrounded by blockades and hills with machine guns pointing right at you, death is certain. How does somebody find the courage to face something so terrible?
     That's why we have these days, because patriots of every country find that courage whether it's for family, country or that patriot feels what they're doing is the right thing. It was a day were brothers were lost and families were destroyed all over bigotry and hatred. If we must learn anything from "D-Day" is that no matter how much evil there is in the world, there will always be just as much good to confront it on a specific time and day. There is never one without the other and it's because of the fallen heroes of that day, we must remember and always respect.
      Yes World War 2 brought out the worst in humanity, human beings showed the world how cruel we can be to one another. But we also proved how when the time comes to stand up what's right, those people will stand and put their lives on the line to make sure it never happens again. To forget this moment in history would be a dishonor to the blood that is one with the sand and water of those beaches. I hope every soul that was lost on that day is resting peacefully and are watching how grateful we all are of their sacrifice.

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