Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gas Prices and Electric Cars

      Don't you just hate it when gas prices go up so fast and come down so slow? Ever since this whole business with gas prices and cars that get 5 miles to the gallon, life has gotten a little harder for working class Americans. But I have to ask, why are people complaining about a problem we have caused? Yeah people blame George W. Bush because he started wars in the middle east, oil companies for trying to squeeze every dollar away from us and others blame car manufacturers for not making gas efficient models. But lets be honest, the only ones that should be blamed is ourselves.
     People drive cars that are "gas guzzlers" that create more pollution and soak up millions of gas a year that help in the rising cost of gas. Now I understand that they "want" it. But if that's what you want to drive, then stop complaining about why gas is so high because you're the ones making the problems worse. If you want to drive a car that's going to be a monster on the road but be efficient. Get a hybrid or electric car and you'll have the best of both worlds. Right now most major car companies are developing cars that don't even need oil, let alone gas.
     That's the only way this energy crisis will end in this country, when we get over our selfish need for luxury and realize the greater good. If you want to drive around a car that's going to eat up your gas and your wallet then that's your business and I respect it. Again, I just write this because I'm tired of all the complaining because in the end, we're responsible. There are ways and yes they are expensive to get a hold of, especially working class Americans. Hopefully when they start becoming more affordable in a few years, we won't even need gas stations anymore but we will have to deal with auto-mechanics at car repair centers.

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