Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dead Pool Game Review

   So I played Dead Pool the vidoe game today and I have to say it has made me a fan of the character. For those that may not follow comics or the Marvel universe, Dead Pool is a mercenary with incredible powers he received from various experiments which eventually also lead to his insanity. Armed with various powers such as strength, teleportation, fast healing, and an arsenal of weapons, Dead Pool is character that can either be a villain sometimes or a hero depending on who his target is. The game is rated M for sexual content, language, gore, and extreme violence but personally it's so cartoonish that I couldn't take the violence seriously. I couldn't take a lot of the game seriously but then again it's the main reason I enjoyed it.
    Dead Pool is full of spontaious humor that keeps the gamer glued to the screen, I wish I could spoil but I rather you try it for yourself unless your under age. The gameplay is very simple with combinations of gun and sword action which lead to lots and lots of blood being splattered everywhere it's practically coming out of the tv. The only downside to this game really is the graphics aren't anything special and the game is incredibly short! I played it for exactly 3 and 3/4 hours and I was already finished. There are side challenges to keep you going but they're minimal and uninteresting at best.
   Overall, the game is decent and I would give it a 7 out of 10 rating. While it's funny and the action is entertaining, it doesn't last long in this short but sweet game. There are cameos from familar faces such as x-men like Wolverine, Rogue, and Psylock that show up to help fight a familar villian. This game deserves it's M rating for everything mentioned above but if your a parent that doesn't care about what your kids play, you are a kid, or your a fellow nerd like me then I'm pretty sure you don't care about why it's rated. The game is retailed in the US at $49.99 which is $10 less than normal games and a fair price.

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