Friday, June 14, 2013

Man of Steel Review

    When it comes to Superman, he's arguably the most popular superhero of all. He was one of the first and always set the standard on what it meant to be a hero. He came in many forms such as Kirk Allen, Geroge Reeves, Christopher Reeve, and recently Brandon Routh. There have been ups and downs in the various versions of the franchise in the comics, cartoons, and mostly downs come from the movies. It seems that after Superman 2 the satisfaction viewers get from the movies has been in a constant downward spiral. The common denominator, there was never a challenge for the man of steel.
     This is what director Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan finally brought to the table with Man of Steel. The challenge that Superman faced was no super computer, no green rock, and not a giant mountain he had to lift out of the ocean. He had to make a choice between who to be, a savior of earth or a partner to the leader of a dead world. On his quest, he runs into Lois Lane and the two begin their iconic relationship that will aide his decision on what to do when facing General Zod. When the music stopped, the ending became obvious and left the movie wide open for hopefully a sequel.
     It was a great action pack reboot. Not really a classic Nolan but definitely Snyder's directing along with great acting and great story but people need to have an open mind because if they're stuck on that 1970s Superman, they're not going to enjoy it. This is more of a movie for the fans of this generation who want to see Superman in a fight that they normally would see in the cartoons. If you were one the fans that were upset because of the "no red underwear" or "he's not like Christopher Reeve" then don't bother because this is a "Reboot."
     Whether your a fan of Superman or you just like action movies, Man of Steel is your movie to see this weekend. It definitely surpasses Iron Man and in my opinion passed Star Trek Into Darkness but not by much. There will be gliches here and there in the movie that will force viewers to come up with their own conclusions on what happened but when the action starts, all pondering stops. It was a nonstop thrill ride and when it ended, I just wanted more. Man of Steel gets a 4 out of 5 just because of those gliches but it's definitely what Superman fans are looking for as long as they're not stuck on "no red underwear."

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