Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Poem

The Plan
Anthony Labson

I’ve heard when people plan
God laughs.
I’ve learned that to be true
the past decade of trying to live.

Growing up, everything seemed to be
according to a plan.
Go to school, get a job, and
get an education, it was all
about following the plan.

I went to school where everyone said
I wouldn’t survive high school
and I ended up graduating college.
I dreamed of becoming a successful author.

I still do.

Then something happened along the way,
some blame a leaders competence.
Others blame the work of a God that
apparently has abandoned us.
Why are we so quick to pick blame?

I’m not a religious man but I can say
that I do believe there is a plan.
I don’t believe it because of scriptures
written to keep order or a self-proclaimed
holy man.

I believe it because of what I’ve seen,
what I’ve experienced and what I’m
continuing to do right now.
I gave up on my dreams and went towards
Security, I felt safe but miserable.

Then I met a friend
who gave me a kick in the ass
when nobody had the balls to do so.
I went back into writing because of him.

He is the reason I believe in
The plan.

I was meant to give up at first,
I was meant to find him,
And it was his purpose to put me
Back on my path.

There is a plan and while we may not
Agree with it at certain times.
I’ve seen enough to believe that
events happen for a reason.

Believe in the plan.

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