Monday, June 9, 2014

EA Sports UFC Demo Review

    I just recently played the demo for Electronic Arts UFC game available on the Playstation network and I have been waiting for this game to come out since it was revealed last year. There are a lot of good things that I like about it and very little to disagree with. The history of Ultimate Fighting Championship is nothing short of astonishing to say the least. I can remember when I was a child and I need my father to rent the VHS tapes of UFC for me at rental stores. Now these days, Dana White has turned it into one of the most successful sport entertainment institutes in the world.
    For decades, Ultimate Fighting Championship has become the leader in Mixed Martial Arts Caged Fighting since acquiring Japanese promotion Pride Fighting Championship. There is no denying that Mixed Martial Arts has replaced boxing as the premiere full contact sport, now EA has decided to bring the next chapter to the gaming consoles. Now much is limited because this was the demo but a lot was changed from the last game so we're going to start with the main concern for sports games and that's gameplay controls. There are some familiarities but the differences completely took me for a loop.
    The controls for punching have stayed the same. There's high and low punching, you press R1 or L1 to deliver more powerful punches or kicks. You have to maneuver transitions with the right stick and move it around to switch to different positions. This is on default settings so hopefully for less experienced gamers, this could be changed to fit your fancy. The only problem I see that every gamer will have whether your a prodigy or novice, the submission controls.
    Instead of keeping it simple like it was in the previous game, EA tried a new system that keeps the same concept but delivers a more complicated process. You go for a submission by pressing R1 and moving the right trigger into whatever position to start the process. A mini-game will appear in the form of a clear octagon and if you're defending a submission, you have to move the right trigger button to one side of the octagon in order to defend or attempt the submission. The whole process seems difficult and will take time to get use to.
    That's really my only complaint about the game so far until it's release on June 17th. The graphics are incredible and the gameplay is just as fun as long as you can stay off the ground or in a clinch. The surroundings appear so real and straight out of a movie and the fights are fluid. When I play as Jon "Bones" Jones and I hit my opponent, I see the sweat flying off his face and the attention to detail in the fighters is nothing short of professional. I will be anxiously awaiting next tuesday to pick this game up and since I pre-ordered. The biggest attraction to me is getting to play the master of Martial Arts himself, Bruce Lee.
    The demo is still available and there is a lot to download so make sure you have plenty of time on your hands because it will take a while. For me, it was worth it coming from a fan of sports games, Bruce Lee and UFC. It will be nice to play Bruce and have a fantasy fight with Anderson "The Spider" Silva. Ultimate Fighting Championship has a lot to be thankful for because in the hands of Electronic Arts, I see this game flying off the shelves very fast. Just remember to take the tutorial and learn the stuff because if you jump in with both feet then I'm pretty sure you'll have your ass handed to you.

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