Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Why Must We Live In Fear?

Children with Matches
Anthony Labson

Nobody wants a war
especially now when the danger is so high.
Before war was just Hell
but now nobody knows what to call it.

War was simple at first.
A sword goes into the stomach,
an axe comes down on your head,
an arrow goes into the air,
and then it upgraded.

A bullet goes into a gun,
the gun fires and a bullet comes out
then it upgraded to cannons.
Giant steel balls roll on the ground
taking whatever they hit with them
in their incredible momentum.

Then came the missiles filled with
“normal” explosions.
They come down and go boom
Hitting their target with pinpoint accuracy.
Then it got worse.

Those “normal” explosions now come
with either atomic or biological capabilities.
Entire nations can now be wiped out
with the push of a button and it’s all in the name
of security.

Sounds secure as long as a finger is needed
to push the button.

But now that finger has been removed
either by a hacker on a computer
or a machine that would destroy itself
if it was given an order to.

The world is covered in gasoline right now
and there’s a lot of ways to strike a match.
Give thanks for each day you have
because cold days may be coming back.  

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