Friday, June 13, 2014

Every Writer Starts Somewhere

Every writer starts somewhere and for me, it started with these four short stories. Still underground and trying to put my feet in the water, these four would start a foundation for me to build on. Now I'm a self-publishing when I can and it all started here. I'm very proud of each of these no matter what people say and I know they're worth your attention if you give them the opportunity. There's something for everyone in this book. I've been self-publishing for 3 years now and have put in some work so now I feel it's time to start bring things together.

Most of these stories are short and I know that some people aren't willing to pay much for short pieces of work. This feels like a better way to give people more of me for a reasonable price so I hope you give this novel fair consideration. Two of them are written in a prose form, A Murder for a Murder: September 11th, 2026 and Confessions of a Vampire. The other two are plays, one for the screen, The Wall. The other is a theatrical comedy play, The Merlin show. The stories here were chosen in a specific order to give you a break from one genre before going into something similar. I sincerely hope you enjoy this collection and until the next is written.

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