Monday, June 2, 2014

The Curse of Good

The Curse of Good
Anthony Labson

One man is cheated,
the other is rewarded.
He studied for the test
and the other copied.

One woman uses her mind
to gain respect.
The other uses her body
to gain popularity.

One person works hard to make a living
support his family and his future.
The other kissing posterior to advance,
caring only for themselves and backstabbing friends.

One follows the rules,
pays the dues, follows the pattern,
and accomplishes their goals.
The other becomes lazy and
expects the good to pick up the pieces.

The bad should enjoy it while they can.
They will enjoy the short young pieces of their lives
Having fun and living for themselves
but only to have nothing in the end.

The good will suffer
because it’s always the curse
of the good to tolerate the bad.
But when your time is up,
You will be surrounded by the good you spread.

The bad will only be surrounded
by silence and darkness. 

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