Friday, May 30, 2014

Dedicated to my New Born Nephews

Twin Magic
by Anthony Labson

Two miracles for a wonderful woman.
Two carriers of a father’s name.
Two reasons why their lives are rich.
Two laughs to make them smile.
Twice the value of those moments.

They will walk together,
They will speak together,
They will learn together,
and they will be happy.

Every moment will be shared equally.

Playing catch with their father will be a triangle.
They will be wearing matching towels for capes.
One will play the sheriff and the other the astronaut.
They will never be separated in the schools and whatever happens.
They will already have the best advantage in life.

They will always have each other’s backs.
They will know the blessing of brotherhood.
The only bond that will be stronger than them
will be the bond between them and their parents.

Before they were born, the parents were in love.
Now that these miracles have come,
the parents are in paradise.
That’s the miracle of twin magic

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