Friday, May 23, 2014

X-Men: Setting the Standard and Bryan Singer

    X-Men: Days of Future's Past is hands down the best X-Men movie produced so far in the Marvel Cinema Series. The X-Men made their movie debut back in the year 2000 with director Bryan Singer at the helm and the success of the movie launched the careers of Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, James Marsden, and Anna Paquin. The success of the first movie generated huge revenues and reignited the love people had for comic book adaptions. Sadly though, it would start to die down after director Bryan Singer left the saga after X2: X-Men United to direct Superman Returns which turned out to be a bad move. Not only was it a bad move for Singer but the X-Men suffered with disaster of X-Men: The Last Stand.
    While it may have have been financially successful, the quality of the movie was not the same without Bryan Singer calling the shots. Speaking of taking shots, Bryan Singer's career was in a serious downward spiral after the failure of his adaptation of Superman. He would go on to direct the movie Valkyrie with star Tom Cruise that was not bad but was also not successful. Later he would direct a made for television reboot of the famous Munsters show that went out of control. It got so crazy in the end, by the time it aired it was retitled Mockingbird Lane and it was a disaster.
    When the word came out that he was finally coming home to the world of the X-Men, the fans rejoiced. Coming off the success of X-Men: First Class, this new film connects Bryan Singer's X-Men with the X-Men of the past movies. This film brings everything together for this ultimate confrontation against the most feared enemy of mutants, the Sentinels. Giant robots created by crazed scientist Bolivar Trask, armed with firepower and the ability to determine the difference between human beings and mutants. The only problem the scientist never realized is that mutants are human beings.
    This logic would lead to the Sentinels not only targeting mutants but everyone else and making the earth a virtual wasteland. The ground is littered with bones, the sky is forever black and the remaining people that are still alive are forced to work to create more sentinels. The last of the X-Men stage one last act to save all humanity, using the powers of Kitty Pride played by Ellen Page, she sends Wolverine back in time in order to stop the Sentinels from ever being created. Using the help of a young, troubled Charles Xavier and a war mongering Magneto, Wolverine goes on a journey that will no doubt save the X-Men but also reboot the love people had for the famous mutants in the first place.
    This was an extremely well written movie and there was ensemble of famous mutants that brings out the geek in everyone such as Quicksilver, Iceman, Bishop, Blink, and Colossus. There are surprises along the way and yes there is something special at the end of the credits, nothing during. This movie will no doubt be a success and it's a good thing considering the recent trouble Bryan Singer has found himself in. For those whom may not know, Bryan Singer has recently been accused of sexually assaulting an underage boy. Whether or not it's true I'm not sure, we'll have to wait and see where the evidence leads but you can't deny that he's made a great film.
    This film is filled with action, drama, comedy and most importantly, the actors perform extraordinary. Staying true to the characters and connecting the audience to the film, the moments in this movie make you laugh, cry and even hold your breath. No doubt that people who love the X-Men will enjoy this film and will no doubt bring in high revenues including building anticipation for the next film, X-Men: Apocalypse. This film as of right now in my opinion is the best movie of the summer and the year until something great comes along.  We'll have to wait until we see the releases of anticipated films such as Maleficent, 22 Jump Street, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Dawn of The Planet of the Apes, and Guardians of the Galaxy.  I know those are a lot of films but I tell you right now, they all have a high standard to beat.  

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