Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Synopsis for Leo: Government Issued!

After spending months in prison for the killing of Tony Giovanni, Leo Clarkson awaits to be executed. Wanting an end to his misery and overwhelmed by his depression due to losing Sara, Leo couldn't run fast enough to the needle. Death won't be so kind to him when he is denied his much wanted death and is thrown into a scheme involving corrupt agents and a classified briefcase. The only reason Leo gets involved is because of a secret that is being kept from him and it's just too good to pass up. The only catch is, Leo is going to have to go home.

Going back to South Florida, he has to befriend the leader of the most powerful gang and retrieve something that was stolen, the briefcase. While everything seems like random events, Leo soon realizes that it's all connected in some form or another. During Leo's journey he will confront his past both physically and mentally but he won't do it alone. Leo will be relying on an old friend to help him survive while a new friend helps him to bring back his humanity. The corrupt agents and the gang aren't the only problems Leo will be facing this time.

Leo will face the worst enemy he has, his demon. The only thing keeping him from going completely insane is the memory of Sara and his desire to honor her memory. Leo will complete his change that he promised to her but keeping it will be a challenge. There will be death, there will be sorrow and there will be a choice to make after the anarchy. One way or another, the events in this novel will set the course for the last part in Leo's journey. Until the next is written.

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