Thursday, May 15, 2014

Godzilla Review

    An American version of Godzilla returned to the silver screen after a terrible attempt back in the 1990s. When I first heard that Warner Bros. was attempting another remake, I was nervous to say the least because I felt the Japanese had closed the doors with their last film Godzilla: Final Wars. Basically, it was just a film with Godzilla giving every monster he's been with a final slap in the face including the American Godzilla whom was his first fight. Ended with the original giving him a bitch slap with his tale and the fight ended in 5 seconds so I'm sure that "wasn't meant" to be insulting. However this was a Godzilla film that everyone can be a fan of.
    I don't want to spoil anything in the movie but I do have to kill some rumors right now for people who have heard several. For people who follow the trailers and believed they saw Rodan, it wasn't Rodan but a different monster and I'm not saying who. There is an Easter egg about a possible monster if there is sequel and it's early in the movie you'll have to look closely. Yes Godzilla is the main attraction but unfortunately he's not in the film for good amount of time, if anything you see him for about 45 minutes total of the actual 2 hours. But don't let that discourage you because when the king of the monsters appears, you can't stay still.
    Finally, the rumor that this is actually a reboot and not a remake. I would have to agree on both counts because there are similarities between the two. On one hand, Godzilla is show traditionally in his origin as a creature of nature to remind mankind that there are some things they can't control and that he is also the king of the monsters because it's his duty to put monsters back in their place. Oh and I will spoil one thing because this really pissed me off about the film from the 90s, this Godzilla does get to use his hyper beam and it's super cool. On the other hand there was a similarity between versions because this film was using the same story being that the monster involved was using America as ground zero to reproduce.
    As far as the story goes, this was the weakest point of the movie. Bryan Cranston, Elizabetn Olson, Ken Wantanbe, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson put on a decent show in each of their characters respective paths but in the end, they stall the audience from seeing what they wanted to see, the fights. The fight scene that everyone was depending on in the end delivered a knockout punch bringing everything you would want in a Godzilla movie. It had monsters going at it, tons of damage and an awesome climax that made the audience I was with cheered.
    Overall, this movie gets a solid 9 out of 10. It was great movie and could have been better if they had just added more Godzilla and less irrelevant story lines and dialogue. Let's be honest, nobody wants to pay $20 bucks to see a guy trying to get back to his family while there are two monsters going at it. They want to see the monsters kick the living s@%t out of each other. The look of the creatures was amazing and it was awesome to see in 3D. If your still worried considering the last time Godzilla was made by an American company then don't. This is a Godzilla that we can all be proud of.

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