Monday, March 3, 2014

Leo: The Cold Killer Synopsis

Do people ever really change? When they do, what causes that change? An inspirational song, a meeting with a random stranger, or the love of a friend or partner? Finally when that causes is gone and that person isn’t inspired anymore, can they keep the change or do they go back into their state of familiarity. That’s the main focus of the main character in this trilogy. Leo Clarkson, a professional killer whom goes through a rapid transformation in order to save a life instead of taking one. This time, Leo is trying to save someone’s life instead of taking it.

Being hired by the most powerful mob boss in New Orleans, Tony Giovanni, Leo is contracted to kill one of the people committed to putting him behind bars, Sara Casserly. Leo finds that the contract is harder to carry out when he realizes that the person means something to him. Because of the personal history the two share, Leo goes against everything that a professional should do and fights to protect her from the crime lord. Now Giovanni must call upon another professional to handle the situation before Leo attempts to kill him and save Sara from a grim fate. With Leo fighting the odds and his own personal battle, he must find a way to show that this time he can be a hero, not a killer.

This is the first part of The Leo Trilogy. Enjoy what you read and hopefully by the end we will see if Leo, a man who has only known violence and death can find salvation and peace. It will be a long journey but at the end of it all, we will see how one person can change a person for the better. The real question is, will Leo be able to be the hero he wants to be or go back to being a ruthless killer? Enjoy Leo: The Cold Killer and if you like what you read then keep in touch when part two, Leo: Government Issue is released.

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