Sunday, March 9, 2014

300: Rise of a sequel

    When the first 300 came out years ago, it was a major surprise blockbuster even though it got bad reviews from critics. But if there's one thing the critics and everyone else will always disagree on is action movies and movies based on graphic novels. After that, stars likes Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, Dominic West, and Michael Frassbender really started to shoot off and become superstars. Zack Snyder went on to also create other comic adaptions like his popular Watchmen and the most recent Man of Steel. So it's only logical that a sequel should come forward and by the end of this sequel, it's only going to continue.
    There's one problem however with making a sequel to this movie, for anyone who knows the story of the famous 300 Spartans and the battle of Thermopylae, every Spartan gets killed. So how do you continue a story about the 300 when all of the 300 are dead, create a story that takes place during the events of the Thermopylae. The film focuses around the character Themistokles, played by Sullvian Stapleton, who is a famous Athenian warrior who sets out to challenge the Persian navy. While the 300 Spartans are making history by holding of King Xerxes, Themistokles faces off against the commander of the Persian navy Artemisia, played by Eva Green. Artemisia is a character with a very dark past that in a way makes you sympathize with the character but her blood lust removes that very quickly.
    Much like the 300, Themistokles is greatly outnumbered both with ships and has to rely on his cunning and creative tactics in order to destroy the thousand of ships attempting to burn Greece to the ground. Just when all hope is lost, word of the fall of the 300 Spartans reaches Themistokles and he uses it to his advantage. Using the tale of the 300, he unites Greece in one more final stand in order to repel the Persian invasion and send them back across the ocean. This movie can only be described as short but sweet filled with action, blood and carnage. At the end of this movie you can be promised two things, there will be blood and there will be another sequel.
    I agree with the critics on one thing and that is the exaggeration of how the Persians are portrayed but again this is based off the graphic novel and this is an adaption so I let it go. Do I think this movie was better than the first, no. Honestly it was like seeing 300 all over again as far as fighting against overwhelming odds and fighting for "Freedom" but the only difference is that it's over the sea rather on land. If you have the opportunity than watch it in 3D because it's awesome with the fighting sequences. The fight choreography was spectacular, you couldn't turn away when it comes to watching Themistokles fight.
    The movie is rated R for obvious reasons such as the blood, gore, intense violence, language and graphic sex scenes including rape. It's a very intense movie that doesn't disappoint fans of the franchise while it's not the best of the two, it's still fun to watch if you're an action junkie. With a running time of about a hour and 45 minutes, it's very fast pace and I wouldn't recommend eating or drinking because if you have to run to the bathroom, you will miss something you'll want to see. Overall, this movie to me gets a 7 out of 10 because while again it felt like watching the first movie, it was still a fun sequel.    

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