Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Walking Dead Season Finale Review. (No Spoilers)

    After 6 long months of good acting, great stories, and lots of gore. Season 4 of The Walking Dead has officially come to a close with an exciting cliffhanger to keep people buzzing. For those of you who haven't watched the last episode, I won't spoil it for you but I will say that this episode takes a dark turn for Rick and the group. Every year it seems that the series finds a new way to become darker and more violent which is amazing considering  how violent it's already been. There's always a new way exposed on how to kill a zombie and survive what some would believe a "Zombie Apocalypse."
     A lot has happened during this season that closed chapters in certain people's life and made them more human than they were before they joined the group. We got a deeper look into Michonne's and Daryl's character that shed light on their past. We finally saw the end of the Governor at the hands of Michonne after he beheaded the beloved Hershel. The prison which kept the group safe was destroyed and other beloved characters we're lost as the survivors made their way to Terminus. If you don't know who made it then this is where I'll stop so you can enjoy the show.
    My favorite part of this season is Rick kind of becoming the bad ass we all knew he could be if properly motivated. When you see the final episode, you will know how much of a bad ass he can be. Ever since the beginning of this season, Rick has been on the end of several ass whippings so it was nice to finally see him give one. Next season, we will definitely see a more fierce side of Rick that we've never seen before which will be exciting. The only question to ask now is what can possibly happen to them that's worse than what they've already been in?
    The answer clearly is, we don't know. If there's one thing that The Walking Dead is good at is shocking the fans by throwing a curve ball. There will be new kinds of zombie killings, new characters that will be coming to light and no doubt we will lose someone we care about. Personally, I'll be alright as long as nothing happens to Maggie, Daryl, Rick and Michonne. But we will have to wait until the series returns later this year.
    The series will continue next October obviously starting immediately where this episode leaves off which is good and bad for fans of the franchise. Good because everyone whom the fans wanted to survive still are and will be there next season. Bad because like football season, it's going to be half a year before anything happens and that wait is going to really suck. This will probably be worst waiting period ever because of how this episode ended but there's one thing we can all agree on. The next season is going to be epic!

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