Monday, March 17, 2014

200 Posts Ago

    2 years ago, I decided to go back to my passion after believing in a "fool's dream" to become a successful writer. My passion for it always came from a line I heard when I was a child by the late great actor Sir Peter O'Toole in the film Man of La Mancha. As Miguel De Cervantes, he said,  "Reality! A stone wall crushing the human spirit. Poetry demands imagination and with that imagination, we may discover a dream." Those words always stayed with me because it speaks a universal truth.
    That truth is this, Reality will not always be a friend to us and I learned that lesson hard during the Great Recession. I graduated Nova Southeastern University and couldn't find a job anywhere so I stopped writing and got a full-time job. I'm grateful for what I have but the fact is that I had a whole missing in my life, I feel like I have more to offer. As the years went by and more and more opportunities opened up for writers such as self-publishing, I decided to go back to what I know best and I can honestly say I've never been happier. Thanks to my full-time job, I am now able to make money while at the same time, chasing my dreams on my own terms.
    I started writing my novels and producing them on eBook formats and gradually setting them up for print but there was something missing. The one thing that every writer should have in order to connect with other people and that's a blog. Truth is this is my biggest challenge as far as being a writer because if there's one thing about a blog that can make things difficult, it's always having to have something to say. You have to constantly have something to get people's attention whether it's advertising your product or simply to say hi and get personal.
    Now I've reached my 200th post and I've been viewed by so much in just 2 years, I feel very accomplished even though I know I haven't hit the hard part yet. I'm doing everything I can to get my name out there because I know I have something to offer both in literature and in film. I mean it when I say on my web pages that I think creativity is at an all time low and we need fresh ideas to get things moving again. There are hundreds of writers out there like me who have ideas to contribute and we have a right to contribute but unfortunately some are just comfortable with what's already been done. Why shouldn't it because it was successful the first time so why not a second?
    Hopefully one day you will hear my name and read my work so that one day I can contribute, bringing creativity back. With everything that is going on in the world today, with the threat of stone walls being raised once again, maybe it's time to use our imagination again. I have used my imagination and I have discovered my dream which is why I'm here writing about it. Until the next is written.

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