Friday, February 28, 2014

The Florida Renaissance Festival Review

    I went to the annual Florida Renaissance Festival held at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield, Florida with a group of friends and for anyone looking for a good time, it's the only choice. It went early to get my ticket and it was a good choice too because there was a line already when I arrived. Being here in Florida there was a chance of rain but thankfully it was sunny and dry, I have the sunburns to prove it. The main reason for going there when the gates open is one reason and that's the roar of the cannon's firing.
    Yes, to celebrate the festival, the gates always opening after hearing the sounds of a real cannon outside the walls. After that cannon goes off and your hearing returns, you go inside and it's nothing but fun inside. I met with the wonderful actors who portrayed kings and princesses. I flirted a little with the queen because it's not like I would really lose my head and the queen was hot and my friends got a good laugh out of it. I had time to kill before any of the acts started so I had to get archery out of the way before the kids started coming and taking it up the rest of the day.
    Being the first one there, the people there were incredibly friendly and gave me a few extra arrows. Didn't hit the center but had fun none the less and after that, a friend of mine went rock climbing. After she made it all the way to the top, we went to see Blackshear the medieval comedic magician, very funny with a good act but then we went to see a popular act known as the Mud Show. An act where two men get up and tell a hilarious tale that ends up with them jumping in a pit filled with mud. It's always a good time especially when they pick a member of the audience to throw them in the pit.
    After getting dirty from the mud, we went to the act the Washing Wenches to get cleaned up because it's a show that involves a lot of water. The show is about two women who aren't physically attractive but are amazingly hilarious when they tease the men in the crowd and give threaten those who aren't laughing with clothes soaked in water. The two women give a great duet when singing to chosen male members in the audience and have them do embarrassing but hilarious stuff in the end. After feeling the water on our faces, we went to get some lunch and the most popular item there, giant turkey legs!
    After getting our legs and our drinks, we headed over to the jousting field to see a fun theatrical re- enactment of 4 knights jousting. After it was over, we had a break so I went ahead and spent some money throwing axes and Chinese stars, sucked at both of them so I'm going to stick to archery. Then we went to the most popular event there and that was the pub sing act featuring the group Celtic Mayhem. The group was very entertaining giving a unique sound to my ears while adding a rock and roll flare to it. The Pub Sing is always a must see at this festival with the family.
    But when you're around your friends and you want to go to a good performance then there's no better than the duet of Iris and Rose. Two women who perform as Singing Wenches and sing songs about various adventures that are best considered intimate and raunchy. This is an adult show, there's no nudity but there is stuff said in that tent that you wouldn't hear in a porn movie which is why it's hilarious. So hilarious that their show use to only be 30 minutes but now it's an hour. In my opinion, it's the best show of the festival next to the Mud Show or Jousting.
    There's something for everyone at this festival and I was able to get to everything that I knew I would love. I would've loved to go back since it only happens once a year but because of my job, it's hard to go to every theme. The actors and performers give a hell of a show and there are plenty of activities to do during the day when you're waiting for the shows to begin. Between the ticket, food, activities and tipping the performers, I only spent a total of $60, that's less the price of the ticket to go to Disney alone. The Florida Renaissance Festival is always a major attraction and I'm never disappointed when I go, I will be returning next year.

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