Thursday, February 13, 2014

Robocop Review

    This is one remake I'm glad to say was needed for the popular Robocop franchise. I know what people have been saying about this reboot since it was first announced. People are not thrilled that he has his right hand and the PG-13 rating already broke the deal for a lot of hardcore fans. The black armor instead of the traditional silver also threw people a off and grew skepticism but let me just say that you don't judge this movie by its poster. This is an action packed movie that is full of action mixed with a fresh story and it stays with traditional elements such as the same theme music and old enemies. 
    The differences are as follows. In the remake, Omnicorp also known as O.C.P. is an American company that is known for providing robots for the military to ship overseas. In the original, O.C.P. just developed weapons and like in the remake, Robocop is used as a pawn to further the companies goals. Alex Murphy played by Joel Kinnaman, in the remake is a seasoned Detroit Police Detective rather than just being a rookie copy in the original and the reason he gets into the suit is different. Don't worry, no serious spoilers. 
    The one major change as far as story goes is a more in depth sub story between Alex Murphy and his family. In the original, Alex Murphy's wife and son played by Abbie Cornish and John Paul Ruttan, are in the film for maybe a few moments but in the remake they are the key elements in Alex Murphy's struggle to maintain his humanity. This presents the problem for O.C.P. owner, Raymond Sellers played by Michael Keaton. Sellers is determined to bring his robots to the streets of America in order to make more money but when Alex Murphy decides to throw a wrench in his plans, he decides to pull the plug. 
    This doesn't sit well with Alex Murphy's creator, Dr. Dennett Norton played by Gary Oldman, is forced to take sides in the matter. This remake also touches the question that made the original a success. Would our society be better if we just had robots enforcing the law or is it better that we have people putting their lives on the line? The other question the remake brings from the original is how dangerous is a corporation that only cares about making money? With a running time of 2 hours and 11 minutes, this film brings back a lot of memories from those who watched the original and created new ones while making new fans. 
   If you're still upset because of the new look and the lack of blood, guts and gore then don't bother with this remake because this sticks to the PG-13 rating. But if you do then you are missing out on a great action packed movie. I don't expect this movie to be a major blockbuster right away because of its release on Valentine's Day weekend but this movie is worth the watch. Robocop will no doubt have a sequel considering the ovation I heard as I was leaving the auditorium and yes there is something at the end of the credits. Thank you for attention. 

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