Friday, February 21, 2014

Hulk Hogan Returns To Host WrestleMania 30

    It was announced today that Hulk Hogan, wrestling icon for over 30 decades will return to the company that made him a household name to host the event he headlined 30 years ago. WrestleMania 30 is being held in New Orleans this year with the main event still to be determined. The only known fact now is that the famous leader of Hulkamania is coming back to host the event. Whether it's only for one night or the beginning of an awesome run, it's going to be an interesting show. It will be the first time in nearly a decade that Hulk Hogan will return to a W.W.E. ring.
    Hulk Hogan's career began with the W.W.E. after his famous victory over the Iron Sheik for the heavyweight title decades ago. Since then, Hulk Hogan grew from another heavyweight champion to becoming a wrestling god in the ring becoming the company's figurehead and franchise performer. Becoming the hero of a generation, Hulk Hogan's popularity grew so big that he had to give it a name that best suited it, Hulkamania. Using his popularity, he would grow to be the first wrestler to branch out and become an actor performing in movies such as the Rocky 3.
    Unfortunately like all things, everything had to come to an end and it did between W.W.E. and Hulk Hogan as wrestling competition World Championship Wrestling (W.C.W.) was rising. With the money backed by Ted Turner, Hulk Hogan was offered a deal he couldn't refuse and left for the rival company and wouldn't return until the early 2000s when W.C.W. was bought by W.W.E. He returned for a brief time to make one last run for the fans of old but unfortunately it was over before it even began. Luckily new rising company Total Non-Stop Action (T.N.A.) was available and Hulk Hogan quickly jumped on the band wagon with fellow superstars such as Sting and Ric Flair. Now with T.N.A.'s future hanging on by a thread, Hulk Hogan decided to not renew his contract and is returning at WrestleMania.
    It's unclear exactly what he really plans on doing being the host but the name itself will draw the crowd. This move by the W.W.E. has come at a good time with the launch of their own network happening this Monday. The return of any wrestling icon is big news and the best time to do is at the "Showcase of The Immortals." Hulk Hogan and the W.W.E. have always had a complex relationship so it will be interesting to see where this goes as far as story lines are concerned. So there's only one question, "What cha gonna do brother?"

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