Sunday, January 26, 2014

Xbox One Review

    I've had the Xbox One now for about a week and I have to say that I've never felt more wrong about my predictions. I thought the PS4 would be a better console but when I played the demos provided by Best Buy and after taking time. There was something in me that said that the Xbox One would be a better console. I went ahead and spent the money I was saving to buy a new console on Microsoft's masterpiece. I only had enough money to buy one game so I went with Madden 25 because I a football game is a must for me. 
    While I admit I am bummed that Microsoft hasn't gotten the 3D capability down I will say that it makes up for it with one advantage. The complete voice commands make this next generation console not only amazing but futuristic. Armed with the new improved Kinect system, movements are caught more accurately and detailed. As far as the games go I can't comment because I bought a game that I already had during my time with the PS3. But I did download 2 demos that would give me a glimpse of what future games would be like. 
    The first game was Dead Rising 3. The graphics were very over the top and the gameplay was familiar with any gamer. The fun was there with the combo of weapons that were available to massacre zombies as well as the vast selection of vehicles. The next game that I demoed was Zumba Fitness Party. That game being more Kinect based was very entertaining and fun. It beats a trip to the gym with a variety of workouts while listening to known music. 
     Everything that I was worried about when it comes to the Xbox One were unwarranted and next time I will learn from this and not judge. Don't misunderstand, I plan on getting the PS4 because I believe that will be an equally satisfying game console but now I am convince. The Xbox One is a fantastic system and I know that people are saying that it's more expensive than the PS4 but remember one thing. You're getting the Kinect with it which is a $100 value where as the PS4 you're just getting the system and no camera. The Xbox One is a system that's worth that extra $100.

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