Thursday, January 30, 2014

CM Punk Leaves WWE. When Will They Wake Up?

    For anyone whose a fan of wrestling and WWE. I have the worst news so far this year and that's CM Punk, one of the biggest names in the company has quit the company. Punk had been contemplating leaving when his contract expires in July of this year but due to several issues going on within the company, he decided to be expeditious with his exit. Punk recently competed in the annual Royal Rumble which he lost and after that, had a meeting with owner Vince McMahon to ask for his release. This is not a good start for the WWE because simply CM Punk is one of their best draw ins.
    CM Punk has always been vocal about his feelings towards the company and how management has shown no interest to people who have true wrestling talent. Known for his famous "pipebomb" segments, he would rant on about how frustrated he is about issues within the company and the direction in which the company would like to go. Rumor has it that the direction of CM Punk's character in the current story line was the final straw that  lead to his decision. CM Punk was scheduled to face Triple H at this year's Wrestlemania in New Orleans but now those plans have changed to a to be determined opponent. What the truth is will be your decision to believe but if there's one issue I believe Punk is right with, it's WWE doesn't seem to be on the ball.
    World Wrestling Entertainment is the top of the food chain when it comes to professional wrestling. If you land a job there then that means you are in the big leagues but the problem with being in the big leagues, you tend to grow careless. That's what many fans believe is going on with the company due to poor story lines and mismanagement of performers. One in particular is fan favorite, Daniel Bryan whom has become the unsung good guy or baby face of the WWE. Daniel Bryan had his brief 15 minutes of fame when he competed at SummerSlam beating John Cena, the top baby face, for the WWE heavyweight title.
     The WWE would have Bryan drop the title after only having it for a few minutes but what the WWE didn't count on was the fans turning to Bryan as the new top face. With his captivating "Yes" chant which has been used at other venues besides WWE and technical wrestling ability, Daniel Bryan has been portrayed as an underdog against a corrupt corporation. The problem now is that it seems to the fans that the WWE would rather have former top baby face John Cena or the returning Dave Batista as the top good guy. The fans however are not going with it and have been demanding refunds for shows because Daniel Bryan either not showing up or other issues. The fact that Daniel Bryan was not even in the Royal Rumble match made fans irate and booed Dave Batista out of the arena even though he won the Royal Rumble and is suppose to be the main baby face.
    This has not only frustrated Batista who became furious with the fans for booing his win and was seen arguing and flipping people off. This is an embarrassment to the company because in a way it proves what CM Punk has been saying, that the WWE doesn't care about what the fans want to see. That they rather give the spotlight to those who have already had it and not give upcoming talent a chance to shine. If that is true then the WWE better prepare for a huge drop in sales because I believe the fans are sick and tired of the same feuds, the same heroes and villians, and don't get me started on the PG rating. I would need to right another blog about that.
    There is no denying that the quality of WWE has gone downhill and if I'm wrong then why are fans booing good guys John Cena and Dave Batista? Why are people asking for refunds because of story lines that don't make sense and they hate how they didn't get to see their favorite superstar perform? Why did CM Punk and other superstars like former WWE Divas Katliyn and Beth Phoenix quit the company? Several superstars have done the same due to problems within the company such as famous superstar and WWE Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin. The WWE is the main company to go if you want to be a somebody in the world of sports entertainment, nobody should want to leave it.    
    The only good news to this is that the show will go on but the quality of the show will be in question since it's clear to the fans that WWE needs to listen to them. The WWE isn't going anywhere because I truly believe that it's too big to fail but the fans needs to stay vocal about their frustrations with the company. Hopefully things will change for the better because nobody wants to see another top superstar leave. Someone will come to replace CM Punk, there's always another superstar waiting to emerge. The question is will he be allowed to spark the change that will draw a crowd and make the WWE the powerhouse it was years ago during the Monday night wars between them and WCW.

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