Friday, January 24, 2014

A Murder For A Murder is now in print!

    For two years now I have been pursuing my passion for writing and have gone into the field of self-publishing. It's started strictly with eBooks but now this year I decided to take the next logical step and start printing them. The question to what eBook to print was fairly simple because I chose the book that meant the most to me out of all so far. I chose A Murder For A Murder: September 11th 2026 because of two reasons which I will  now share. The first reason is the most simple one and that is because, I'm a patriot.
    I wrote a poem a long time ago called Another Page which is in my eBook of poetry Madness in a Recession. The purpose of the poem was to reflect that when I was growing up, I showed no care for the lesson of Pearl Harbor. I would read about it time after time again in every history class and every time I would ignore it. Then 9/11 happened and that's when I realized why we studied Pearl Harbor in our history class. I realized on September 11th that America will always have enemies and all they need is time for America to drop it's guard.
    The second reason I chose this is because it was my first full novel that I ever wrote. The first eBook I wrote was Madness in a Recession but that was a book of poetry. This was the first story I ever wrote to express my feelings on how we handle terrorism, what would happened if we did something different, and what is the right way to handle terrorism. I knew there were risks writing about a sensitive subject but the fact is I truly feel that a pattern is always followed and I've always been one to go against the current.
    I've made a lot of mistakes in my ventures writing which I am both embarrassed and thankful for. You can't be successful if all you have ever done is succeed. I have failed many times in my life but finally getting the courage and confidence to see this through has brought a new spirit within me. I am more determined now to seek out more ways to expand my name and be the next James Patterson or Tom Clancy. If anyone who reads this is interested then my book can be found at the CreateSpace estore right now and will be available everywhere else next week.
     If you enjoy a good suspense story and are a fellow patriot then I believe that this book is meant for you. I hope that if nothing else, this story reminds somebody who was just as arrogant as I was about Pearl Harbor so that we will never again drop our guard. September 11th 2001 was the darkest day I ever saw and I hope never again to see another day like that again. Thank you to the military for making sure that everyone that was involved that day was brought to justice.

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