Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Walking Dead Review

So ends another season of one the most popular shows on television. The Walking Dead ends closing a lot of doors that have been left open for a number of seasons but what’s troubling is a hanger door has just opened. If there’s one constant in the world of the zombie apocalypse is that human beings that are alive turn out to be far worse than the zombies infesting the earth. People believed that we had seen the worse with the infamous governor and his vicious tactics. However when this season started it turned out that the group of cannibals residing in Terminus would surpass the governor but now we have the vicious group behind the “W.”

For those of you who still haven’t seen the finale, don’t worry I’m not going to spoil anything but I will say that the “W” is revealed in the finale. Another thing that’s been going on is the season is the surprising return of the alluring Morgan who has been hot on Rick’s trail since he found the map for Rick left for him in the church. As many have concluded, Morgan is going to show his face and when he does you can bet it’s going to be awesome. For those of you that have been keeping track, the finale is mostly about the events of the last episode with the group deciding on Rick’s fate in Alexandria. During the events of the day, Rick spends most of the finale reflecting on his actions and how best he can make things right.

The side stories revolve around the group both for and against Rick. The other story revolves around the fabulous adventures of Daryl and Aaron as they search for survivors. While on the hunt, they come across what would look like to be a gold mine of food but sadly it turns out to be something much worst. I know that people are nervous around this time in a season because quite frankly everyone is in love with Daryl and nobody wants to see a riot. If you want to find out who lives and who dies then you’ll have to see the finale, as previously stated I’m not spoiling anything. It was overall terrific ending with virtually every cut off to a commercial ending as a cliffhanger and the ending was bitter sweet none the less.

So now that this season is over the only question is what exactly will happen now that everything has come to fruition. All I can say is that it will most likely be about the “W.” What does that mean exactly? Well we all thought we had seen the worst of humanity with Terminus but it turns out that what’s coming next will somehow be more evil. We get a preview of it in the finale but it was already a mouth full considering what happened and how we came to come across it. No doubt that when Rick and the people of Alexandria come across it, they’re going to be seeing all hell coming at them which is remarkable considering what’s happened to the group already.

Will Alexandria survive? I highly doubt it because if there is another constant in the world of the walking dead it’s that no place is ever safe. For those that don’t follow, Rick and his group had formerly resided in a prison surrounded by steel and stone and even that couldn’t save them. All that’s really protecting Alexandria is an extremely high wall with one tower for a lookout. Nothing ever changes and walls fall so I have no doubt that next season will bring death and destruction to those walls. When those walls do fall hopefully everyone will be ready for what’s ahead. The "W" is coming and it's going to bring a horror that we have not seen yet and that's saying something. Fear the living, not the dead.

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